Dubai Holiday Insurance


Dubai is a wonderful holiday destination but it’s essential that you take out holiday insurance BEFORE you leave the UK and cover the whole of your time in Dubai. If you need medical attention whilst you are on holiday in Dubai or worse still need to come home early, or with the assistance of medical staff you could be facing a hefty bill if you haven’t got travel insurance.

Dubai is classified as “Worldwide excluding the USA” on holiday insurance quote programs and you should take care to ensure you pick the correct region when you set up a policy to ensure full coverage.

Declare any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure the travel insurance will pay-out when you need it in Dubai

It’s really important that before you leave the UK and travel to Dubai that if you have any pre-existing medical conditions that these are disclosed to your travel insurance company.

If you don’t disclose your pre-existing medical conditions fully this may mean that a claim for medical expenses in Dubai will be declined. Also if you don’t fully disclose medical conditions this could affect whether the travel underwriters will pay-out for a claim for cancellation if you fall sick before you go away, or worse if you need to be repatriated on medical grounds when you are on holiday in Dubai.

What is a “pre-existing medical condition”?

You need to declare to your travel insurance company whether you or anyone travelling with you has EVER had treatment for:
  • Any heart or circulatory condition
  • A stroke or high blood pressure
  • Any breathing condition (including asthma)
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
Or if, within the last 24 months you have:
  • Been treated for any serious / re-occurring condition
  • Been referred to a specialist or hospital consultant for tests, diagnosis or treatment
  • Been asked to take regular prescription medication.
Travelling to Dubai on a single trip or annual multi-trip policy (if you are making this journey regularly, perhaps to relatives or to a holiday home), need not be expensive if you shop around and use a specialist travel insurance comparison service. Also, look for reviews from existing customers to check out their customer service and see what help they may be able to provide for you.